Lineaeffe Take Fatal Attractors


Length:   3.5cm

10 per bag



Single tail bait set on the hook. Available in several different colors and there are 10 pieces of bait in the bag.



White Colored white bait

Pearl pearl white color

Japanese Red Clear red color, also colored through

Motorola w. Glitter Brown colored with red sparkling color effect

Chatreuse Head / Red Tail Agnet is green and with red tail – all with a sparkling effect

Red Head / Pearl Tail The bait is dyed clear red and the tail is dyed pearly white

Red Head / Yellow Tail The bait is colored in red and the tail is dyed yellow

Luminous luminescent bait

Blood Red with Glitter Beautiful red-colored bait with glitter effect

Additional information

Dimensions 10 × 13 × .5 cm

White, Pearl, Japanese Red, Motorola Glitter, Blood Red Glitter, Red Head, Luminous, Chartreuse Head-Red Tail, Red Head – Pearl Tail