Valley Hill Squid Seeker

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SIZE – 3.5
WEIGHT – 35g – 55g
DEPTH – Between 20 and 40m

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The Valley Hill Squid Seeker is Japanese ingenuity at it’s very best,  an absolute must for every Egi enthusiast.

Valley Hill squid seeker egis weighted jigs are designed specifically for anglers targeting squid in deeper water, down to 40m.  Continuing to outperform the competitors time and time again in the toughest conditions where wind and tide movement are influencing factors

Valley Hill have left no stone unturned in their pursuit of manufacturing the worlds best Squid Jigs, and the Squid Seeker is no exception. A perfect balance of durability and usability, these Jigs will perform exceptionally well with every cast.

Seeker jigs have ultra-sharp, double-barb crowns and 3D eyes, and a massive range of colour combinations (with some models featuring UV capability), you can be sure to find the Jig you are looking for!!

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